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There are hundreds of trust deed lenders in California. We make it easy to find the ones that can provide the loan you need. With one simple form, you can get the attention of multiple lenders who want to loan to you.

A Better Loan

Most hard and private money lenders are small businesses that may only make certain types of loans and have periods when they have more or less money available. Connecting to multiple lenders that are looking for opportunities like yours is important for getting a great loan.

Less Time And Effort

You can fill out one form with us, sit back, and let interested lenders contact you. The alternative is searching the internet and phone book, trying to guess which lenders are relevant, filling out forms, making calls, and more.



You tell us what you're looking for and we instantly notify lenders who are interested in making loans like yours.


You can screen lenders as they request your contact information or have them put in touch automatically.


You talk directly with a lender who you know is interested in funding loans like yours.



What types of borrowers should use your lender network? Trust deed (hard or private money) lenders charge higher interest rates than those on traditional mortgages but are appropriate for borrowers who need a non-traditional loan. Trust deed lenders can make loans more quickly than other lenders, sometimes ten times faster than a bank. They will also extend loans to those with poor credit, hard-to-value real estate and in other circumstances that make getting a traditional loan difficult.
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